Juliet Nalunkuuma’s worries a lot about the sorry state of the market where she operates near the Busega roundabout.

“We face difficulty, especially whenever it rains. The market becomes inaccessible,” she says.

Nalunkuuma is one of the hundreds of traders operating at the Busega Market, just at the beginning of Mityana Road after the roundabout.

The market, which is in the road reserve, has limited space but hosts about 5,000 people, both buyers and sellers every day. This compromises hygiene at the market.

The traders’ plight is borne out of frustration after the construction of the new market stalled for two years, following the pulling out of the contractor, Arab Contractors Ltd.

The contractor left the site in 2017, saying funds from Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) to complete construction were not forthcoming. According to KCCA spokesperson Peter Kaujju, another contractor was subsequently found in April, to take over the construction, which he says was in the final stages.

He said by December, the market is expected to be complete and commissioned for use. fUNDING The market is under the Markets and Agricultural Improvement Project I (MATIP1). The project is aimed at improving markets 19 urban councils.

It is funded by a $74m loan the African Development Bank (AfDB) and the Arab Bank for Economic Development of Africa, with support from the Government of Uganda.

AfDB provided $57m, the Arab Bank for Economic Development in Africa $10m and Uganda $7m. The five-year MATIP-I project is being implemented in Busia, Jinja, Tororo, Mbale, Soroti, Lugazi, Masaka and Mbarara urban councils.

The new structure is expected to have lock-ups and stalls for the different fresh supplies, cool storage and restaurants J Wilson Nkata a fish seller at Busega Market.

With the new market, cool storages will help with perishables such as fish Juliet Nalukuuma, a tomato vendor at Busega market The new Busega Market under construction. It is located on Mityana Road, about 100 meters off the highway Kasese, Hoima, Gulu, Lira, Kitgum, Arua, Moroto, Entebbe and Kampala.


The market vendors at Busega are excited about the new market. Dorcus Nalutaya, like Nalunkuuma and many others, said they cannot wait to use the new structure.

“I already have a letter from KCCA confirming that I will get a stall in the new market. We need to work under better conditions,” Nalutaaya said.

However, even with the new structure, concerns have been raised, especially with accessibility to the market by vendors. The chairperson of Busega Market, Ssalongo Bugembe, says accessibility to the new market is likely to pose a challenge.

Despite having three gates, Bugembe says the new market has only one entry point via the Northern Bypass, which he because of the narrow drainage channels. KCCA should do something about this,” Bugembe says.

If not addressed, he says, flooding may force traders to abandon the market. However, KCCA officials could not be accessed again to respond to the concerns, by press time. CAPACItY Busega market has about 1,860 traders although the number is expected to swell with the new structure.

The construction of the new Busega Market was intended to get vendors off the road reserve into a well-serviced structure. The new structure is expected to have lock-ups and stalls for the different fresh supplies, cool storage, and restaurants.

It is also expected to have paved spaces, vehicle parking lots, water supply, solid waste bays, firefighting systems, and daycare centers. says, may be difficult to maneuver.

He adds that one of the three gates of the market is on a narrow drainage channel of the Lubigi swamp, which can easily flood the market. “We want to access on each gate, but we are worried that the market may flood

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