This week, we have been horrified by the xenophobic attacks on Africans by a section of South Africans.

Such acts are unfortunate and should be condemned. However, the question that keeps coming to my mind is:

“In spite of the many such attacks directed at the immigrants, why don’t they leave South Africa?”

Whereas there may be various reasons that could explain xenophobic behavior, it is a fallacy for many young people in Uganda to think that being anywhere is better than staying in their home country.

I will explain how you can succeed in Uganda

1 Take responsibility

Instead of blaming people for your misery, including the Government, find out why you are where you are.

Once this is clear, take responsibility for your state in life. If you believe you have the power to change your destiny, then you have begun on a path of self-discovery that will take you places.

2 Leverage your networks

It is obvious that you are more likely to succeed in a place where you know people and they know you. Being in a foreign land is tough.

Moreover, as a foreigner, you tend to encounter many barriers and prejudices that may impede your progress. It is not impossible to succeed outside your country, it is more difficult.

3 Have a positive Attitude

There is a saying that “your attitude determines your altitude”. Although it sounds simple, it is true.

If you have a negative attitude towards life and others, you will go nowhere. Even when you leave Uganda for South Africa or the United Arab Emirates, a bad attitude will limit your progress.

Try to have a positive attitude. Do not think that everyone wants to fail you. Believe that there are good people who are willing to help if asked.

4 Be thankful

It is easy to focus on what has failed to work in your life and ignore the many good things that are going on around you. I see this from the domestic workers who travel to the Middle East.

In their quest to make more money, they end up losing their health. The writer is the executive director of the Federation of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in Uganda 

The writer is the executive director of the Federation of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in Uganda

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